LesFlicks aims to provide a platform to build a diverse community of LBQ fans and content creators from around the world.

LesFlicks promotes films that show women loving women on screen; have a central lesbian or bisexual storyline; or which have a strong lesbian or bisexual presence which shows these women in a positive light.

We launched LesFlicks on 1 March 2019 because we were tired of seeing so many great films with lesbian and bisexual storylines that either weren’t getting distribution, or even with distribution just weren’t reaching their audience. Equally we constantly see women on social media asking for recommendations or where to find films and what to watch. We couldn’t bear to see another thread where pretty much the only film mentioned from the last 10 years is Carol when there is so much quality content out there! That, or the main films being recommended are 90s classics such as But I’m a Cheerleader, Bound and Heavenly Creatures (not that there is anything wrong with these!). These women like film yet clearly aren’t getting to see a lot of what is being made! We aim to change that by having a film database that lists all films with a lesbian or bisexual storyline in order of UK release date.

To get all this amazing content to the audience as easily as possible, we are launching a video on demand platform. It will contain shorts, features and webseries. All content will have a core lesbian or bisexual storyline, or have a supporting character who is lesbian or bisexual and shown in a positive light. We won’t have quotas, and we are seeking to include as many films as we can. Where possible we are wanting to go direct to filmmakers so that royalties go to the filmmakers to help make more content.

As well as royalties for views (50% of gross subscription income will be going back to filmmakers as royalties, and 25% of gross subscription income will go into a grants pot); we will be providing filmmakers with the core data around the number of subscribers and the number of hours of content watched. This is to empower queer female filmmakers to get funding and prove that there is an audience for their content!

  • We are committed to supporting independent filmmakers to get their film to their audience.
  • We are committed to helping lesbian and bisexual women to find films of interest to them.
  • We are committed to helping ensure that filmmakers see returns on their huge investment directly to help them to make more content.
  • We are committed to educating on the distribution and cost of filmmaking to help viewers understand the importance of paying a filmmaker directly and not illegally downloading or sharing films.

The history behind LesFlicks

The founder of LesFlicks started out running lesbian lifestyle website, Planet Nation, and as part of the lifestyle articles was a frequent attendee at LGBT film festivals and spoke with many independent female filmmakers.

She was increasingly frustrated and surprised at how many films were being made but not getting distribution, and ultimately not reaching their audience (who were at the same time begging for more films to watch!). It was also clear that many new filmmakers were not accessing knowledge and experiences of those who came before them so mistakes were being made, and decisions taken without knowledge of the full range of options when it came to marketing and distribution.

After sitting on the broad idea for a couple of years, the timing seemed right to try to fix the gap. A number of great conversations with filmmakers, industry professionals from VOD platforms, and some general enquiries with women who were talking about film online gave her the energy and enthusiasm to give the idea further thought.

A few weeks later, in February 2019 she bit the bullet and started working on a brand and a website. On 1 March 2019 she launched and hasn’t looked back!

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