Lesflicks is a volunteer-driven social enterprise; our volunteers run the show! From supporting at events, interviewing filmmakers and cast, curating content, writing and reviewing films and series, and promoting content online – volunteers at Lesflicks get involved in a multitude of different activities as part of a fantastic community of like-minded women.

We are always ready to welcome new womxn to our volunteer network and if you have a passion for film, and would like to use existing, or gain new skills in a supportive and positive environment; please get in touch by submitting the form provided below.

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Lesflicks is an independent lesbian-owned streaming platform, events company and website. In terms of media exposure, an internship with Lesflicks will give you a crash course in a number of areas of business and media to give you a wide range of experience and understanding to set you in good stead for moving forward.Lesflicks is a bustling streaming platform/distribution company/consultancy business focused on lesbian and bisexual stories and amplifying the voices and stories created with a focus on connecting content to audiences. Interns are a critical part of Lesflicks and they have real impact both on the work we do and on the work we put into the world. As such, we are looking for highly motivated self-starters with an urgency to affect society through the transformational power of film.As a global, digital remote business we accept internships from around the world. Working hours are flexible to allow anyone to participate in an internship, even if they have time constraints that would normally prevent them from participating in placements. We’re proud to encourage parents, disabilities, queer women and under-represented or often overlooked people.If you are interested in experiencing a fast-moving, modern organisation founded by and led by women then this is a role for you. We encourage ideas, suggestions and creativity from everyone in the team.INTERNSHIP CYCLES:
  • Full Internship: September 2021 – August 2022
  • Short Summer Internship: June 2021 – December 2021
  • Short Spring Internship: January 2022 – June 2022
We are currently accepting applications for our Summer 2021 internship, which runs from June to October. Internships take place across all departments. You will be given a 6 role rotation. Three roles are allocated as standard, and the other three are allocated based on your interests selected at application stage. For the final part of your internship you will get to choose where you wish to finish up (so you can return to your preferred area to expand and solidify your experience).We aim to give you hands on experience of modern media distribution; remote working and leave you with tangible skills that will stand you in a good place for your future.Lesflicks can provide experience in the following areas:
  • VOD Streaming Platform
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Writing
  • Website administration and maintenance
  • Admin and Research
  • Graphics and Video Editing
  • Film Festivals
  • Events


Creative Team (VOD Streaming Platform) teamThe creative development intern will manage the intake of new submissions, coordinate coverage within the office, read scripts, and write coverage, and—where appropriate—give creative notes and collaborate on the selection and launch of new films on the platform. Other tasks, administrative and/or related to other areas of the organisation, may also be assigned.Creative Distribution (marketing & communication) teamThe creative distribution intern will participate in the social media marketing and promotion of upcoming VOD releases on the platform; help to spread the word about Lesflicks and engage in discussions around campaigns. Get experience in writing campaigns, scheduling social media and engaging on social media channels. Other tasks, administrative and/or related to other areas of the organisation, may also be assigned. You will also learn to review and analyse performance and understand how algorithms affect reach.Video & Design Production teamVideo & Design interns will assist with our in-house design and editing projects. Interns will create assets for digital projects, while maintaining a strong eye towards organizational branding and aesthetic, as well as accessibility. Interns work may include motion graphics, video editing for trailers and social media marketing, poster design, branding research, or assisting in website management. Experience with captioning is a plus.  You will come away with a fantastic portfolio!Tasks include:
  • Create captions for video content
  • Create motion graphics, edit short-form videos
  • Help create assets for our website
  • Design and brand-related research
Administration & Research teamAdministration and Research interns will assist in the day to day administration of Lesflicks. Learning to use project administration software to log and track tasks; ensure deadlines are met. Seeking out film information and industry contacts and maintaining databases. There will be some project management skills included to round off experience. You will learn about various film resource sites and how to gather, maintain and link records to provide valuable data insights.Film Festivals teamFilm Festival interns will help in creating relationships with film festivals. Helping to collate new films entering the circuit, reaching out to the filmmakers to introduce Lesflicks and explain the services and resources available to them. In exchange you will start to build a network of contacts on the mainstream and LGBTQ+ film festival circuit – a great start for any budding filmmaker, networker or creative.Events teamEvent interns will brainstorm event ideas, help to administrate, set up and run events such as watch parties, live stream Q&As and films festivals. They will also help to set up and facilitate internal and external social events. This will give candidates experience of organisation, and confidence in hosting events, public speaking and speaking to clients.Writing, Journalism and Website teamWriting & Journalism interns will watch and review films, provide quotes to social for promotion, write topical articles around film, research and collate external information about the wider film industry and film festival circuit. There will also be opportunities to interview filmmakers. The role includes learning to use and update WordPress websites.  This will give candidates experience of research, writing, maintaining and updating wordpress websites and also of confidence in speaking with filmmakers for interviews.


INTERN TYPE                     INTERN PARTICIPATION DATES                 INTERN APPLICATIONS ACCEPTEDFull Internship                    September 2021 – August 2022              30 June 2021 – 31 July 2021Summer Internship         June 2021 – December 2021                       31 March 2021 – 30 April 2021Spring Internship              January 2022 – June 2022                          1 October 2021 – 30 November 2021At this time our internships are unpaid, but during the internship you will be given access to our streaming platform to watch content and you will be able to attend any of our events being held for free.Applications from interested candidates should be submitted here: https://form.asana.com?k=QQ2dAHWLRPQnNzLfX0y3jw&d=1177069507047649