What makes Lesflicks unique is our holistic all-round approach of supporting filmmakers, promoting films, holding socials, and investing into film.

We love to collaborate and hear from people from all walks of life from creatives to film fans. We are a volunteer-driven social enterprise so we work with many wonderful people and kind souls that make up our team, but there are a few core team members who keep the cogs turning. Find out more about them below.

Want to join us? We’re looking for more amazing women and non-binary people who love lesbian and bisexual film and want more positive representation for women loving women as much as we do! Submit your interest in joining our volunteer team here: https://www.lesflicks.com/about/join-the-team/

Meet The Socials Team
Meet the Writing Team
Meet the Graphics Team
Meet the Events Team
Meet the Translating Team
Meet the Admin / VOD Team

Meet Naomi, CEO & Founder

Naomi is taking her existing knowledge of the community and combining this with her experiences and passion around film. Naomi is the one with the grand ideas! Nothing is impossible… she is dedicated to film, women, and getting film to women! Naomi has spent the better part of her adult life trying make sure us queer women are getting the representation we rightfully deserve, both through Lesflicks and previously through Planet London/Planet Nation. Her extensive collection of lesbian interest films on DVD should tell you that, if her wonderful pride-themed rainbow eyeshadow doesn’t already.

Naomi is unable to choose her favourite film – it’s like choosing your favourite child!

Meet Catie, CTO

Catie is a podcaster and videographer, with a former 25 year career in radio broadcasting, before refocusing on web services and joining Lesflicks in the Spring of 2021. She is known as ‘The Bodhráness’ – her Steampunk persona – and a ‘Social Technologist with an incurable gadget obsession’. Catie is happiest keeping our web services working and providing technical support to the team. She is also nuts about unicorns!

Catie struggles with concentrating on full-length feature films (she is autistic and has ADHD) but was very excited when she discovered the wonderful world of sapphic short films on our platform!

Meet Sam Watts

Sam Watts is responsible for Partnerships and Collaborations and also hosts events

Sam is an out and proud bisexual, who loves film and tv. She has a weird obsession with depressing documentaries, horror films and the snacks that come with them. She hosts Lesflicks Events so come and say hi, she doesn’t bite much. You can normally find her darting about volunteering for queer projects or softly serenading her two cats.


Community Engagement Team

Meet Katie

Katie is a 30 something mum of 2 awesome little boys who are her world. She is engaged to an amazing woman who completes her and keeps her grounded. Living in the North-West of England, she is very much used to the rain. In her spare time her hobbies include painting up garden ornaments and partner dancing. She works within the Social Media Team for Lesflicks and adding new content onto the VOD platform.

Her favourite LBTQ film is Gia.

Socials Team

Meet Lena, Senior Volunteer

Lena is fairly recent addition to the LesFlicks family. They joined over New Year’s as part of the translation team (German) and the social team, mainly Twitter engagement. Lena likes the work behind the scenes and to see projects being realized together. They have a BA in Interdisciplinary American Studies and wrote their thesis on TV series that actually subverted the tropes of the “Psycho Lesbian” and “Bury Your Gays.” Lena is all in for good content.

Favorite LGBTQ movie: “Raven’s Touch” and “Deserts Hearts”.

Writing Team

Ping believes in the power of love and kindness, and that “love is love” no matter what shape or form it comes in. She would like to see positive representation for all walks of life in film and media.

Meet Abeer

Abeer is the Founder & Creative Director at Allanzcom.com. She is a Published Author, Content Producer, and a Communications Specialist who has been interviewing people and writing their stories for more than a decade.

She travelled different parts of the world, and had the opportunity to meet with locals, refugees, and expats to document their stories as part of different projects. These stories talk about pain, trauma, sexual orientation, LGBT, rape, body image, FGM, being a refugee, and a lot more.

Favorite Movie: I Can’t Think Straight. The cross-cultural romance, the intellectual conversations among characters, and the humor injected into the scenes to reflect the differences between generations and cultures, all kept me captivated to watch this movie again and again, and again!

Meet Isidora

Isidora has just joined the Lesflicks team as a writer. She has written for various student papers, offering articles from film reviews to opinion pieces that often had Latin American cultural events or productions as the focus of the piece. She has just graduated from her MPhil in Comparative Literatures from Cambridge, and will be going on to do her PhD in Hispanic Studies in Toronto.

Her favourite lesbian film is Carol.

Curation & Programming Team

Meet Caroline

Caroline has been a volunteer with Lesflicks from the very beginning in April 2019. She came on as a Curator and has programmed a number of Festivals including LFEST and LGBT History Month. Recently she began hosting some of our events, which she really enjoys as its is a chance to meet and interact with Lesflicks supporters. She is currently studying an MA in Film Studies, Programming and Curation at The National Film and Television School, and pre-covid she ran her own feminist classic cinema night called ‘Women & Cocaine’ which celebrates the fierce and liberated women of early cinema. 

Favourite film: Aimee and Jaguar

Meet Monica

Monica is a programming intern, working to programme a diverse range of titles for our Video on Demand platform. A graduate of the National Film and Television School, Monica is applying her knowledge to curate quality content for the platform.

Admin / VOD Team

Meet Sophie

Sophie has a varied role at Lesflicks, mainly working within the VOD platform and writing teams. In their spare time they like to go for a walk with friends, drink coffee, and volunteer for other LGBTQ+ organizations. 

Their favourite series: Lip Service

Graphics Team

Meet Barbara 

Barbara is a writer and video editor who has been volunteering since mid-2020 with Lesflicks. Ongoing assignments have helped her hone her writing and editing skills. Barbara is part of a team of dedicated volunteers within the visual and writing department.

Fingersmith (2005) and Summerland (2020), are her all-time favorite narratives, since, besides all the drama that demands a strong performance, they represent the many unknown stories of courageous female characters that have survived throughout history.

Translating Team