Lesflicks has many ways to subscribe and sign up to support lesbian films. 

Lesflicks is a community website. By becoming a member you are supporting us to be able to offer the various aspects such as the film database, film clubs, forums and research.

Membership will be launching in Spring 2021. In the meantime, see below the ways in which you can engage with us

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There is no paying audience for lesbian films – that is what the industry thinks and what filmmakers get told when they pitch for funding. We know different, but we need hard data to prove that. By completing our survey; and being vocal and actively talking about lesbian film; and by paying to watch content you can make a real difference in helping create more content!


We’re bringing Lesflicks to various towns and cities around the UK. To launch a film club we need to have a group of at least 10 women. So sign up and be counted – show your interest, and get your friends to sign up too!