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​​🐤​ CHICKflicks ~ for 12-16yrs & allies (monthly) Membership ​​🐤​ CHICKflicks ~ for 12-16yrs & allies (monthly)

Lesflicks CHICKflicks is a subscription that is available for newer members of our community including those exploring for the first time or allies who want to better understand sapphic people.

We know that representation on mainstream TV can be problematic - often highly sexualised, dramatised or not representative. This subscription contains content that is more authentic, more realistic and hopefully can help make the community easier to understand.

It doesn't include everything, it is safe for 12-16 year olds and those who are just starting to explore the lesbian and bisexual community and want to know more.

Our CHICKflicks subscription is a gentle introduction to the world of sapphic content.


Lesflicks CHICKflicks subscription includes: 

- online community to share and ask for recommendations

- download content on the go to watch offline anytime without data/wifi

- favourite content you love for easy access

- create your own playlists

- pop-out player

- referral scheme - earn free months when you share/recommend Lesflicks (a great way to make friends!) [www.lesflicks.com/account/referrals]

- gift subscriptions or vouchers to others [www.lesflicks.com/gift_cards/new]

- subtitles on many titles (we aim to add subtitles as often as possible, particularly on demand)

- available on the web and via AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Google Play and Apple Appstore


Lesflicks is more than a streaming platform, we aim to improve the distribution, awareness, and access to existing and future sapphic stories. We’re also proud to pay our content creators fairly and provide a sustainable model that works for both audiences and creators alike. As such we have a number of aspects that all make up the Lesflicks ecosystem - by joining Lesflicks and subscribing you're directly helping to secure a better, brighter future for the content you're craving and proving there is a paying audience for authentic sapphic stories on screen:


Lesflicks offers auto-renewing subscriptions.

We are regularly adding new content and are proud to bring it to our audience via our central platform which makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. We are priced so that content creators receive fair royalties for their creations and you get to watch quality content ad-free. At least 50% of your subscription goes straight to content creators. This we hope will lead to more content being made with bigger budgets and shorter wait times.

*Some titles, either due to being a new release or because a subscription license was not available are not available under subscription.

Please note that all prices excludes any sales tax that your country may charge for digital subscriptions. Subscriptions are converted from GBP at the current exchange rate. You will see the digital sales tax at the checkout. The total taken will be the net subscription plus sales tax so may appear slightly higher on your bank statement or PayPal statement.

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