Introducing a new network for industry creatives and exciting exclusive events launching in 2021!

Lesflicks is keen to help create connections, support productions and increase the speed, quality and funding of lesbian & bisexual film. You can expect a variety of group, local and industry events.

We want to hear what the barriers, challenges and opportunities are. From 2021 we will be starting to put together a funding pot specifically for LBTQ content, we want to work with the community to determine what we do with it.

We already see finding music is tough – there must be a better way than a FB call out! What else can help?  Our initial meetings will hear from a variety of people. It could be we showcase and amplify or partner with existing organisations, or we fill the gaps. Help us to shape this network. The one thing we know – it is 100% dedicated to wlw on screen!

The first event was held in April 2021 and was extremely useful for all involved – sign up for more details about future events

Tick all that apply
If no, what don't they offer that would be most helpful. We're trying to work out who we should collaborate with rather than replicating. We will look to support existing networks where they exist and fill in the gaps.
What do you hope to gain/achieve from the network?
we like to say Happy Birthday!
We don't want to send you something in the post or tag you on social if this will put you in danger or out you. This helps us