LesFlicks is committed to helping filmmakers receive royalties for their productions.

Part of our ethos is ensuring that if you don’t get a great sales agent or distribution deal, that doesn’t mean your only option is to a) throw it out for free to the world on YouTube/Vimeo and close off any returns for your investment or b) to put it behind a paywall and have to pay all of the related admin fees, plus spend time trying to get an audience to find it.

There is another way!

Any films listed on LesFlicks will be non-exclusive and you, as the filmmaker will retain the rights to your content. Yes, that is right, which means you can still chase down opportunities and take up distribution deals further down the road if they come up.

In addition, you will receive royalties for your content through LesFlicks.

Two ways to show your content

We have two different options for your content as video on demand. The first is pay-as-you-go where anyone, whether a subscriber to LesFlicks or not can rent the content for a fixed fee. The second is the monthly subscription model where subscribers pay a fixed fee for access to the members area where they can view unlimited content each month that they are a member.

We will also have some free content. Unfortunately you won’t receive royalties on this content. This is available for content that you wish to also remain on another free to access site such as YouTube or Vimeo.


We’re using a model whereby we will take the monthly subscription income from the website, and after core running costs, will then distribute the net income amongst the subscription content based on views.

For the pay-as-you-go content, royalties will be paid for the views of your production.

So the more people who subscribe, the more people who watch your content, the more royalties you will receive.