Christie Conochalla (She/Her)

Los Angeles, USA

Writer, Director

The film that started it all…

I was in college when I saw “But I’m A Cheerleader,” my life changed. I was already writing scripts and at that moment was toiling over this road trip (heterosexual) comedy (LOLOLOL). The moment Graham crossed the screen changed my entire thought process and led me on the path which brought me to my creative, authentic self in telling queer stories. And I’ll tell you one thing, Graham’s influence made that horrible script a lot better and right now I have 4 scripts with lesbian lead characters in my arsenal and I’ll never look back. Thank you Jamie Babbit!

Christie Conochalla is a writer/director in Los Angeles, CA who is passionate about telling widely relatable stories about women in the lesbian community.

Her dramatic short film “August in the City” has gained awards and acclaim from various contests and festivals, her romantic comedy short “Once Upon A Zipper” has had a vibrant streaming life online, and her first feature “Forever Not Maybe” is currently on the festival circuit.

Christie is heavily involved with the Alliance of Women Directors and Women in Film organizations


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