When it comes to crowdfunding, perks are pretty much the foundation of the donations you receive. Very few donors will simply choose to donate. Therefore the perks you have on offer can really determine if your campaign is successful or not.

According to stats from popular crowdfunding websites, £25 perks are the most popular, and £100 perks are the most likely to bring you to your target. Every backer counts so make sure that you are offering something at a variety of levels so everyone can support you no matter what their budget.

With this in mind and thinking about promoting your film to the lesbian and bisexual community who not only can help to get your content made, but have the potential to become super fans we’ve come up with 5 perks that should be the cornerstone of any campaign.

1. Social media thanks

This should be the default perk and can be for around £5. Remember that it will take a little time even to send a tweet. Don’t set the donation too low!

2. Mementos

Mementos offer the user something to remember their involvement in the project. This could be their name in the credits, on the website and/or on IMDB, digital photos from the set or maybe a button badge with the production name on it (lesbians love button badges and they are super cheap to make and post). These level perks can be around the £10-£20 level. If you’re offering physical items such as badges, remember to think about the cost of printing and postage!

For that all important £25 super perk, you could include a signed photo from the set. Remember that you need to make sure your cast are happy to sign a lot of photos so it will depend on their availability.

Another option for the £25 perk could be exclusive content – things like a video from the cast on set, outtakes and an exclusive preview trailer.

3. Experiences

Experiences are popular with film fans. Keep in mind you need to have enough lead time after the campaign ends to coordinate dates. Your terms and conditions should state travel not included, the location the visit will be and that it is subject to availability. Appearing as an extra on set, Having a photo on a wall on set, visiting the set for the day are all experiences that can be offered for between £20 and £50.

If you have a super call cast and they’re up for extra involvement you could offer special experiences such as drinks with the cast or a phone call from a member of cast. These are super personal and can come in at around the £100 level.

4. Invitation to a preview screening

If you’re planning on having a preview screening, you can offer an exclusive ticket to join the cast and crew. A chance to see the production before anyone else and sit in the room with the people that made it happen. You do need to consider the potential cost of this. Also remember at this level they’re probably getting a lot of super perks from lower down the list (always cumulate your perks as this adds value). You can look to list at around £200-£300 (depending on the cast).

5. A copy of the production (VOD or DVD)

DVD production has become very affordable and print-on-demand means you can produce a limited run of DVDs and be able to offer them for around the £15 mark. There  is still a market for DVDs for super fans of film and this shouldn’t be underestimated. The opportunity to personalise this perk, and offer a signed copy of the production on DVD is the sort of prize that can send certain fans crazy and can be offered at around £30-£40.


Of course you can also include a few more high-level perks such as brand or product placement or executive producer status. If you want a global following, you could have a perk offering a livestream screening rather than a physical event.

Be careful about offering advance digital access to your production. Tempting as it might be, your production leaking online will seriously damage your chances at film festivals and also make it harder to distribute your film in a way that you can recoup some of your costs if it is available elsewhere for free (not to mention the amount of time it will take trying to get it taken down!)