A good press kit is essential for getting your film out to film festivals, sales agents, distirbutors and even your film fans!

Your press kit is the first introduction to your film. Pay particular attention to how your synopsis, your statement, and your bios play into this tone, and make sure they’re all consistent.

There are 6 key parts to your press kit. They are:

1. Cover page

A visually appealin cover page should also include the title, the director, the runtime and languages (especially if not an English language film). The cover page should also include a film contact and, if you’ve hired someone specific, the media contact.

2. Accolades

If you have any film festival laurels, awards or pull quotes these can really help to set the tone so include them early on. For this reason it is also useful to keep your press kit online so that you can update it regularly. Don’t include every single one you have, look at the list and include those with the most credibility for your production.

3. Synopsis

Do not underestimate your synopsis. It will be used by journalists and film festivals to reference your film. Take time to right a really engaging and interesting couple of paragraphs. Include adjectives to enhance the general plot line.

Ideally you should include a 200 word logline and a 400 word synopsis.

4. Filmmaker’s statement

This content is a chance to tell the world your story. Why you created this production and how it all came together. Include interesting anecodotes that would make interesting article content; how you got a particular cast member, what a difference the crew set up made, or how you managed to work with a challenging set or budget.

You can also include a short interview on this page. Answer a few common questions about your film. These can be used by journalists as ready-made quotes for articles.

5. Film Stills

Images are everything when it comes to promotion. Every article these days comes with at least one image attached to it. You should always include a file of high resolution and low resolution images; however embedding them directly into the press kit is great for showcasing the film in a really visually appealing way. The images in your press kit need to be low-res, remember you need to be able to email your press kit around! 5MB is the maximum size you want your file to be.

The film stills should include your main cast and/or a key location or scene from the production.

Remember to include the link to your downloadable files on this page for easy access!

6. Bios and Credits

Filmmaking is a collaborative project, so it is important to credit those involved.

Include the key cast and a few key crew bios (director, writer and any above-the-line crew, in particular those with killer IMDb credits). Alongside their name and title, include a simple paragraph, filmography and a headshot.

The credits should be the final part of your press kit. This is the official reference for your crew list and the go-to for anyone covering the film so it should appear like the scroll on screen. They should read exactly as everyone wants them published.

Good luck, and don’t forget to send us a copy when you’re ready!