Crowdfunder: Delta & Daisy

UPDATE: This crowdfunder is now finished, filming is scheduled for April 2020.


This digital series follows New Orleans locals and married couple, Delta Delaney (Mandahla Rose) and Daisy Peltier (Nicole Pacent). Delta and Daisy juggle work and play in America’s ultimate party town. Oh, and they solve crimes… Aside from legally being able to take your cocktails “to go,” New Orleans also has the 4th largest crime rate in America. But fortunately for the citizens of the Crescent City, Delta and Daisy are on the job as private detectives for Vieux Carre Investigations: “Because, life in New Orleans ain’t always a parade…”

Season One: “Behind the Curtain” After a suspicious death, Delta and Daisy find themselves advocating for the young women and men who are entertainers at burlesque clubs in the French Quarter.


The back story

“Nikki & Nora” was a network television pilot, starring Liz Vassey & Christina Cox, shot on location in New Orleans in 2004. It focused on two NOPD detectives who were partners on the force and in life. Had the “Nikki & Nora” pilot been picked up to series, it would have been the first show that focused on a lesbian couple on network TV. When the promotional DVDs of the pilot were leaked onto the internet, the lesbian fanfic community claimed it as their own and kept the story of Nikki & Nora alive. Ten years after the pilot, and funded by the fans, creator Nancylee Myatt and stars Liz Vassey and Christina Cox returned to New Orleans to give this groundbreaking couple another chapter to their story with the webseries “The N&N Files.”

In this season of “The N&N Files” we meet Nora’s niece, Delta, and her wife Daisy. D&D are now the primary partners at Vieux Carre Investigations, keeping the streets of New Orleans safe and gay fabulous.

The team

Director: Mary Lou Belli

Writer: Nancylee Myatt

Producers: MyHardt Productions in association with Purpledolphin Productions  

Cast: Mandahla Rose, Nicole Pacent, Tess Harper, Armin Shimerman, Kitty Swink, Shannan Leigh Reeve, Haviland Stillwell, and Tim Dougherty