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Hi Pretty Film

Hi Pretty Film

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Hi, Pretty is a modern day Romeo and Juliet-esque film set in Texas during the mid 2000s. Our story, is a true story that revolves around Lee Dawn Hershey who plays Joey, a queer student-athlete, who secretly falls for and develops a relationship with her teammates sister. After their hidden love is maliciously exposed, Joey finds herself entangled in the web of a heart-wrenching, tragic love story and a suicide attempt gone terribly wrong. 

Based on true events, Hi Pretty focuses on important real-life issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, Suicide prevention awareness, substance abuse, student athlete pressure, conservative abuse, and more. Hi Pretty as a story aims to shed light on these very real struggles in a way that just might break your heart and mend it in the same motion.

Not only is this film based on true events, but it will be shot in Lee Dawn Hersheys home town, featuring her own family members, close friends, and colleagues, making the film as real as it can possibly get. 


The story

Queer student athlete, Joey, finds herself entangled in a forbidden love with her teammate/roommates older sister. Sparking rage, jealousy, and detrimental effects on her teammates mental health. Lost and confused, she tries to take her own life which goes terribly wrong. 

The team

Creator: Lee Dawn Hershey

Director: Lee Dawn Hershey

Producers: Lee Dawn Hershey, Julia Ensign, Kristen Laffey

Cast: Francesca Phillips, Taylor Mcwhorter, Emilie Rappaport, Jessica Reid, Lucy Hartman, Daquan Dunn, Danny Trevino

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