Lesbian DVD memeIf you’ve ever tried to search Amazon for lesbian films, you’ll understand how painful it is.

For alongside the few legitimate lesbian films are all the adult films made for the male gaze., plus all the gay men’s films that have been tagged as lesbian to further clutter the search results. We don’t want to see that! However the only way to filter out those films is to untick 18, which means you could miss out on some classics (with hot scenes!).

We aim to bring all DVDs together into one place to make finding lesbian DVDs easier.

In addition to listing externally sold DVDs, from time to time we will curate DVDs if we find independent lesbian films that we believe deserve a wider audience.

Want your film listed here? If you are a filmmaker with a film that you own the UK rights to with a lesbian or bisexual story; or a distributor of a lesbian or bisexual film and would like it listed here, please get in touch.

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