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EXAMPLE: Shamim Sarif is a novelist and filmmaker of South Asian and South African heritage. Her work often focuses on gender, race, and sexuality. I Can't Think Straight was Shamim’s first feature film as writer/director and draws upon her own personal experience with cross cultural, non-heterosexual love, and it’s based on her novel. The movie was produced by Hanan Kattan, Shamim's longtime partner and successful entrepreneur. Sheetal Sheth is the lead actor in I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen.
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We are running this as a collaborative project. All filmmakers, actors and hosts in it together. By all sharing all of the film events we maximise potential income, thus increasing everyone's share. We can do this - this is exactly why I created Lesflicks and I'm proud to be working with you all and hope you enjoy this experience.
each attendee on each event will receive one share of the total Lesflicks income from the event. If you do two slots, you will get two shares. We will let you know at the end of May how much we raised and what the income per slot is. Let's do this!!>

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