As part of the festival we are running an industry networking event online on Saturday 25 July at 3pm BST using ZOOM Rooms. 60 minutes, 10 rooms, 15 sessions, 100 participants.

The idea being filmmakers, actors and creatives can register in advance to network in small groups of 20 on specific topics, whilst sharing key information. Each session will include an open discussion around the current position, barriers and possible solutions in this area.

I want to start conversations. I want to empower global networking. I want to generate real change.

Find out more about the full festival programme including watch parties, live Q&As on the main festival page.

Saturday 25 July 2020

? 7am PST (West Coast USA) / 10am EST (East Coast USA)    ? 3pm BST (UK) / 4pm CMT (Europe)    ? 10pm AEWT (Western Australia) / midnight AEDT (Eastern Australia)

Event timings

  • Welcome and introduction (20 mins)
  • Break out session 1 (20 mins)
  • Break out session 2 (20 mins)
  • Break out session 3 (20 mins)
  • Wrap up and close (20 mins)

Networking break out sessions

We expect these sessions to be popular and fill up quickly. We recommend you express your interest so that you receive an email the moment spaces open up.

Break Out Sessions – session 1
  • IRIS PRIZE: Making the most of the LGBT+ film festival experience
    The world of film festivals can be daunting – and expensive! From choosing where to submit, to making those all-important connections, learn how to make the most of the experience, from the moment you submit until it’s all over (and beyond.)
  • BRAND ADVANCE: Marketing LBTQ content to an audience
    Hear from Brand Advance about a wide range of products and services that could be used to promote your film to the intended audience. Network with other creators and brainstorm creative ideas and solutions for collective campaigns and collaborative marketing that can help spread the word about LBTQ content.
  • Crafting Compelling Stories – screenwriting
    Join Lindy Boustedt who will share some great hints and tips on writing compelling stories.
Break Out Sessions – session 2
  • BRAND ADVANCE: Product Placement in LBTQ content
    Hear from Brand Advance about how you can work with brands to provide product placement in productions as a funding method for LBTQ content.. Share with Brand Advance your experiences with product placement to date, current challenges and hopes and dreams for productions and let’s see if we can’t find a solution that helps fund more LBTQ content!
  • FESTIVAL FORMULA: How big is the LGBTQ festival circuit, why should I care?
    We focus and pull out some of the LGBTQ specific festivals from across the world wide circuit, looking at remits that you may or may not have considered. And do we just have to submit to this area alone?
  • Programming LBTQ Content at Film Festivals
    Caroline hosts this session for festival programmers to come together and share their successes, challenges and hopes when it comes to programming LBTQ content at festivals.
Break Out Sessions – session 3
  • FESTIVAL FORMULA: Why should I look at film festivals, is it worth it? 
    You made your film and now you’re deciding what to do. In the pandemic landscape we find ourselves in, what use are festivals and why is it something to consider.
  • Networking with LBTQ Filmmakers
    Join Lauren and share your current networking resources, and find out from others what resources they use. Network and connect with other filmmakers.
  • Producing films on low/no budget: Funding for lesbian films is hard to come by. So hear from Lindy Boustedt who will share some tips and encourage you to share your experience as well.
  • The Power of Social to promote your film
    Effi shares some hints and tips on using social media to promote your film and reach your audience. We also invite attendees to share successes they’ve had in the past.

About our Industry Partners

We will have representatives from the following organisations in attendance to share hints, tips and information in break out sessions.

Festival Formula

Katie is the founder of Festival Formula, a consultancy company that helps filmmakers navigate the world wide circuit with strategy and submissions support. By helping filmmakers understand the strengths of their work they create bespoke festival circuit journeys with support every step of the way. The company regularly speaks at film schools, organisations and festivals both nationally and internationally, and have been quoted in The Hollywood Reporter and Screen Daily.

Iris Prize Film Festival

For fourteen years, Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival has shared LGBT+ film in Cardiff and beyond.

Home to the world’s largest short film prize, Iris celebrates and supports amazing queer film all year round with festivals, travelling film programmes and community outreach projects. 

Brand Advance

Powered by a diverse team of creative minds and data experts, Brand Advance offers a comprehensive suite of services – including in-depth research, media planning and buying, partnerships, and content services – and delivers campaigns across digital, events, print, TV, radio and social media. These campaigns deliver impressions and return on investment – with research showing that consumers are far more likely to both notice an ad and purchase the promoted product if that ad is culturally relevant to them.

Cinema Systers Festival

Cinema Systers intend to strengthen and connect this diverse community of women/womyn and build bridges among audiences, filmmakers and the community. The only all lesbian film festival in the USA! Films of all genres produced by lesbian filmmakers from around the world.