Log line: A musical short film about dating and loneliness

Synopsis: Minnie is a single bisexual woman, navigating her way through yet another lonely night. Filled with pop R&B songs, personified dating apps, and annoyingly cute couples, this dark musical comedy explores the value of solitude and the strength in independence.

Director: Ashlei Hardenburg

Writers: Ashlei Hardenburg

Producers: José Alvarez, AJ Mattioli

Cast: Rebecca Hidalgo, Karolena Theresa, Ashley Menard, Jillian Vitko, José Alvarez, Chris Jehnert, Jenna Sofia, Patrick Dunning,  Jaime Lamchick, Matt Cory

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Genre: Comedy Musical

Format: Short

Duration: 12min 50sec

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 24 July 2020