Log line: The history of women’s freestyle football has only just begun.

Synopsis: Paloma Pujol is the footbag world champion and the only freestyler woman in Spain. She’s 32 years old and knows her body soon will not respond as always, but she can’t retire without knowing that other girls are following her steps. Paula and Chaima had contacted her through Instagram because they have started their training following her video tutorials. Together they could open for the first time the female category in the Spanish Football Freestyle Championship, but it’s not going to be easy: they have to find at least another girl.

Director: Elena Molina

Writer: Elena Molina

Producer: Jessica Costilla

Cast: Paloma Pujol, Chaima Kaguya, Paula Sanz

https://allineedisaball.org/  www.imdb.com/title/tt14011660

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Genre: Documentary

Format: Short film

Duration: 17 min

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

UK Release: 17 March 2021