Log line: A story about a lesbian couple finding the best sperm donor.

Synopsis: Hee-Jung and Han-Seul, a 7-year-old couple, want to have their own child and find the best sperm donor. The night before meeting potential sperm donors, they confide some concerns to their friend Hye-Won. While the next day, they are rather disappointed at the outcome of the conversation with three different men. Seeing their depression, drunken Hye-Won starts to sing an old song for her ex-girlfriend and her passing love. Hee-Jung and Han-Seul finally realize that the most important thing is being with the loved one all the time. Even though they could not see the star and sunrise at the same time, their hope is hard to kill no matter how rare it will be.

Director: Sylvan Zhao

Writers: Mengwei Mavis Zhang

Producers: Xinyue Ma

Cast: Kim Hyun Ji, Kim Jae Eun

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Drama, Romance

Format: Short

Duration: 25 min

Country: Korea

Language: Korean, Chinese, English and Chinese subtitles

UK Release: 06/19/2020