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Synopsis: Better than chocolate follows a young lesbian named Maggie. Living in Vancouver Maggie works in a book store which sells titles about the lgbt+ community, including guides to safe sex. With this material having been deemed obscene, we witness the prejudice and discrimination towards the community and the outcome of this on their lives. Meanwhile Maggie meets a young artist named Kim. They quickly develop an intense romance and move in together. However when Maggie’s mother and brother come to stay she is forced to decide between living in secret or revealing who she really is. A tale of love, acceptance, loss and pleasure.

Director: Anne Wheeler

Writers: Peggy Thompson

Producers: Sharon McGowan, Rosamond Norbury, Peggy Thompson, Christopher Adkins

Cast: Wendy Crewson, Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox


Comedy, Drama, Romance

Format: Feature

Rating: 15

Duration: 1 hr 41 min

Released: 22 April 1999

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