Synopsis: Bisexuals. Who are they? What lives do they lead? How do they feel about coming out? What are their thoughts on gender? What do they strive for in their love- and sex-lives?

Living in a world where bisexuals continue to be stigmatized and misunderstood, bisexual director Wei Tingting goes on a mission to uncover the hearts and minds of the bisexual community. She ends up encountering varied individuals with utterly different and contrasting views and experiences on sex, love, gender and identity.

This documentary explores the rich living experiences of bisexuals in China, and traces how a wildly diverse group of people incorporate a combination of male- and female-centered love and passion.

Director: Tingting Wei

Producers: Stijn Deklerck

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Genre Documentary 

Format: Documentary

Duration: 49 min

Country: China

Language: Chinese with En subtitle

VOD Release: Out Now!