Log line: In a conservative society, this is a passionate love poem to genderless intimacy.

Synopsis: Using Varsha Panikar’s poetry series by the same name Bodies of Desire is a film that captures four sets of lovers amid passion; to create a portrait of tender intimacy, of longing, of discovery, of desire, of embrace and care, of profound companionship. It is a sensual celebration of genderless love and desire, inspired by the poet’s lived reality. The text follows the poet’s journey of healing and self-acceptance as she rediscovers love, passion and identity after encountering her muse, her lover, who acts as an encounter, a rupture that awakens the poet and her desire to express her inner truth. Immersed in the lover’s thought, the poet recalls moments spent in embrace, the touch, the smell, the little things that evoke feelings and emotions in her, that are complex, multidimensional and fluid, and inevitably puts her on a path of discovering her own power and uniqueness.

Directors: Saad Nawab, Varsha Panikar

Writers: Varsha Panikar

Producers: Asawari Jagushte, Neha Vyas

Cast: Meheka Cl, Sachin Das Gupta, Sushant Khomane


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Genre: Poetic

Format: Short film

Duration: 4 min

Country: India

Language: English

UK Release: 17 March 2021