Log line: “You said you always wore orange because your name was Clementine, and that I didn’t, because it was mine.”

Synopsis: Clem is returning to her childhood home.  After almost seven years away, it is not only the funeral of her once stepfather that is bringing her back, but what she is running away from and who she is returning to; her old step-sister Clémentine.  The women haven’t seen each other since they were separated, but what tore them apart as teenagers is now pulling Clem back. 

Director: Laurie Barraclough

Writers: Frankie Meredith

Producers: Molly Murphy

Cast: Isabella Speaight, Molly Murphy

 www.backscatterproductions.com/clementines  www.imdb.com/title/tt9895616

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Format: Short

Rating: tbc

Duration: tbc min

Country: UK

Language: English

UK Release: August 2019