Log line: Crippled by grief, trapped in her house, Jennifer finds courage to move on.

Synopsis: Jennifer has become fixated on completing the Observer cryptic crossword. It’s not that she likes them. She hates them actually, but it’s her way of keeping close to her partner Tina, who died suddenly nine months ago. When Jennifer finally completes the grid, it’s a breakthrough moment, but to be in the running to win the prize she needs to post her entry, old-school, hardcopy, by the end of the day. Will it be the impetus she needs to find the courage to go out of the house and get back in touch with the outside world?

Director: Jane Marlow & Nick Swannell

Writers: Jane Marlow

Producers: Jane Marlow & Nick Swannell

Cast: Jane Marlow, Karen Lawman, Mary Conlon

Official site  Dancing Alone on IMDb

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Format: Short

Duration: 15 min

Country: UK

Language: English

UK Release: 15 September 2019