Log line: DATING BITES!!!

Synopsis: Maria, a reserved cartoonist quietly existing in the Zombie Apocalypse with her fat chihuahua Silvia, braves the elements everyday looking for survivors, supplies and possibly Miss Right. While walking her dog, Maria meets a rebellious roller derby girl named Rocket. Armed with an axe and her faithful dog Sugar, Rocket and Maria connect over life, art and what they miss from the world before.

Director: Nicole De Meneses

Writers: Nicole de Meneses

Producer: Nicole de Meneses

Cast: Natalia Dominguez, Lara Jean Sullivan, Katie Frimodig, Susan Guerrero


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Genre: Comedy, Horror

Format: Webseries

Duration: 3 episodes of 3-5 mins

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: Lesflicks VOD 15th Feb 2021