Synopsis: A love letter to two survivors of intimate partner violence as they navigate
and confront their trauma, ‘dear friend’’ is a film that draws from the
contemplative patience of letter writing to share the story of many women,
rarely told. The letter greets the viewer with an abrupt and fierce jerk
into the memories of the two survivors of intimate partner violence. It
is a glimpse into the survivor’s journey of denial, acknowledgement, and
determination to leave. Through their voices, we can hear and imagine
women we might know. The film urges us to see past the darkness and the
shadowed veil of silence shrouding this issue. It casts light and commands:
even if you choose not to see, you will hear these stories.

Director: Tumelo Thamaga

Producers: Tumelo Thamaga and Sinalo Thuku


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Genre: Drama

Format: Short film

Duration: 15 min

Country: South Africa

Language: English

UK Release: 1st Jan 2019