Synopsis: These past decades, over 209 female queer characters have deceased on television in preposterous ways after they have found their love. These very necessary queer role models are brutally stolen from the queer community. This emotional mash-up film, created by two lesbian artists Lara Sluyter and Carlinda Boom, uses material from the series that have contributed to this problem. “Death Do Us Part” visually displays the brutal, absurd, and unnecessarily violent deaths of some female queer characters from television series. Such as Rana from the British series Coronation Street who died from a collapsing roof on her wedding day, The Walking Dead’s Denise being shot with an arrow through her eye as she was admitting that she loved her girlfriend and the engaged couple Mary-Louise and Nora who died together in a massive car explosion which was supposedly a sacrificial suicide in The Vampire Diaries. Herewith the film highlights the infamous “Bury Your Gays” issue, besides remembering the starring characters such as Lexa from “The 100” and Poussey from “Orange Is The New Black”.

Director: Lara Sluyter

Producers: Carlinda Boom

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Format: Short

Duration: 3 min

Country: Netherlands

Language: English