Log line: Inner struggle of a queer woman in her 30s, who is trying to find her place under the sun. 

Synopsis: We’ve all done it before. We felt uncomfortable in one place, and thought that running away would solve everything. But it didn’t. What is home? What is comfort? At which point will we take a risk, give it a real try, what will make us stay? And: Are we able to stay at all?

Director: Masa Zia Lenardic, Anja Wutej

Writers: Anja Wutej

Producers: Masa Zia Lenardic, Anja Wutej

Cast: Anja Wutej

 www.atypicallens.wixsite.com/atypicallens   www.imdb.com/title/tt9074748/

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Format: Short

Duration: 8 min

Country: Germany, Slovenia

Language: English

UK Release: 27 November 2020