Log line: Ten years after a traumatic rape in high school, a woman makes a new friend, but their relationship triggers old memories and issues.

Synopsis: Maddie was raped in high school at a party, but no one believed her when she reported it, causing her to become a social outcast, and crushing her dreams. Ten years later, as she tries to rebuild her life, she takes a job as a tutor to a wealthy family where, she meets Laurel, the family’s nanny.  The two become instant and close friends- too close according to her long time friends, Paige and James. They worry Laurel may have alternative motives and try to protect Maddie. Maddie is forced to decide between who she trusts more, Laurel or Paige and James.

Director: Marrisa Shankir

Writers: Gabrielle Waters and Johnny Severin

Producers: Gabrielle Waters and Johnny Severin

Cast: Kati Salowsky, Ashley Hogan, Nicole Coulon, Tara Alexandra Brown, Darius Levanté


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Genre Drama Mystery Crime

Format: Series

Country:  USA

Language:  English

UK Release: 2021