Synopsis: On the eve of her wedding anniversary, empty-nester Sujata Chopra attempts to find some joy in her broken marriage, until she learns about the passing of her childhood companion’s spouse on Facebook. Having been disconnected from this woman for over 30 years over a misunderstanding, Sujata finds the courage to reach out to send her condolences. They reconnect, sparking friction when Sujata’s controlling husband, Dr. Chopra, finds out.

Director: Gayatri Bajpai, Nirav Bhakta

Writer: Gayatri Bajpai, Nirav Bhakta

Cast: Vee Kumari, Asit Vyas, Sanchita Malik

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Format: Short

Duration: 16 min

Country made: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 14 November 2019