Log line: A Butch Femme Neurotic Comedy

Synopsis: Lola Segal is a neurotic metro-sexual butch and always has been. At six, she fell for the most beautiful first grade teacher ever, Ms. Sommer. But Ms. Sommer hooked up with the P.E. teacher, breaking Lola’s virgin heart. Right then and there, Lola vowed to never give her heart to a beautiful femme. Until she meets Hannah Henri.

Director: Akiva Peñaloza

Writers: Akiva Peñaloza

Producers: Akiva Peñaloza

Cast: Adela Maria Bolet, Belle Caplis, August Fegley


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Comedy, Romance

Format: Short

Duration: 28 min 41 sec

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 20 November 2020