Log line: A funny and poignant exploration of what happens when a mother and daughter show up at the queer bathhouse on the same night.

Synopsis: Awkward hijinks ensue when a mother and daughter show up at a queer sex club on the same night. Mimi Friedman is a queer woman in her 50s, returning to queer sexual spaces after a hiatus due to a long-term relationship. She is meeting a new young lover there for some sexual fun. At the club she runs into her daughter who is extremely unhappy to see her mother and to find out that she and her mother share an overlapping sexual circle. Mimi has to overcome her guilt, embarrassment, worry and shame, in order to stay true to her own pleasure.

Writers: Rachel Epstein

Director: Rachel Epstein

Producers: Lucia Linares Leon

Cast: Kerry Boileau, Christol C.Bryan, Raechel Fisher, Samantha Gomez Cruz


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Comedy, Drama 

Format: Short

Duration: 7 min 38 sec

Country: Canada

Language: English

UK Release: 1st May 2018