Log line:  There was once an invisible optician, living in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

Synopsis: Maura recounts her life story in an interview with the Head Archivist of the Human Experience Records. Hers is the greatest mission of all time, you see, because what bigger challenge can there be, than learning to love?

She begins on the day she meets Amy, a bright academic with broken glasses. For the first time in forty years, Maura wants to share her life. The only catch is leaving behind the world as she knows it.

Director: Katie McNeice

Writers: Katie McNeice

Producers: Katie McNeice

Cast: Claire Loy (Maura), Sarah Kinlen (Amy), Michael-David McKernan (Interviewer), Olwen Fouéré (Older Amy)

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Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

Format: Short

Duration: 17 min 2 sec

Country: Ireland

Language: English

UK Release: 2019