Synopsis: Nona’s been estranged from her family for the past 10 years. When Nona made the decision to come out to her Mormon family about her sexuality the family persecuted her in front of the entire church, and she was excommunicated. Nona lost everything she ever knew with the raise of her father’s hand to cast the final vote of excommunication. Without a word, Nona has lived without family and then the phone call came; her mother died. Nona’s heart is conflicted about whether to return to a home where she is hated or to allow her mother’s death to go unnoticed as every other moment has for the past 10 years.

Director:  B. Danielle Watkins

Writers:  B. Danielle Watkins

Cast: Britt Dias, Rudy Pruitt,  Jason Anastasia

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Format: Short

Duration: 16 min 59 sec

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 8 July 2020