Log line: Bad girls doing bad things in bad places.

Synopsis: Ukulele-playing bad girl Junie Butler gets muscled into prison by her ratfink friends. Abandoned by all, she turns to the warm embrace of her pyromaniac cellmate as they plot to escape from a power hungry prison matron and an axe-murdering beauty queen.

Episode Descriptions:
E1- Ain’t Even Got a Mustache – Swell gal Junie Butler is sent up river to Marquetta State Prison, landing in the clutches of the hook-handed Matron and her sidekick, prison guard Nancy. Junie impresses her cellmate Vickie with her ukulele song about how she was double-crossed.
E2- Wardrobe Full of Tight Sweaters- Vickie shows Junie the ropes, and introduces a few inmates: cheery thief Peggy, pill-popping Lois, mute cannibal Barbara, and the Alpha female of the cellblock: ax-murderer/ Beauty Queen Jeannine. Ma pays Junie a visit in the slammer with a suspicious proposition.
E3- She More Reprobatey– When Vickie comes to trade some prison hooch, Jeannine reveals she has plans for Junie. On the yard, Lois shows up in a panic with some story about Peggy giving birth to a dozen furry babies. Junie’s attempts to bond with her fellow inmates is cut short when Jeannine has Barbara show someone who’s boss.
E4- Holy Moly, That Ain’t Sanitary– Vickie rescues Junie from Jeannie’s advances in the laundry room, and Jeannine vows revenge. In the wake of the bloody fight, Junie confesses her love and seduces Vickie. They are interrupted by Nancy who hauls Vickie off to the Matron for some “rehabilitation.”
E5- Have Another Muffin, Nancy– After Vickie’s “treatment”, the Matron regales Nancy with the tale of how she lost her arm when she was just a young girl to her beloved pet monkey. With the damaged Vickie back in their cell, Junie sings her a song of revenge. They make love and dream of escape.
E6- Nobody Keeps Me in a Hamster Cage– Just as Vickie and Junie’s plans are nearing completion, Jeannie gets wind of it and rats them out to the Matron. When Vickie and Junie confront Jeannine in the shower, Barbara turns on her and they all pull together to show Jeannine what happens to snitches.
E7- Punch and Lemon Squares– The prison talent show is a glorious evening of music and magic, but ends in riot and a mass breakout. Nothing is left of Matron but her empty hook. Junie and Vickie make it all the way to Mexico, where life as free women seems pretty swell, until a poker game with some gunslingers erupts in a blaze of gunfire.

Director: Jillian Armenante

Writers: Jillian Armenate, Kelleen Conway Blanchard

Producers: Jillian Armenante, Dash Arnott

Cast: Rebecca Mozo, Erin Anderson, Gigi Bermingham,

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Genre: Comedy, Romance, Crime, Musical

Format: Webseries

Average Episode Duration: 17 min

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 9th April 2021