Synopsis: “Lesbian.” is a powerful poem by Lisa Luxx. It’s about the word “lesbian”, and the decades of toxic connotations that have made it feel like a hostile piece of language: so much so that today, many queer women hesitate before using it. Rosemary Baker’s short film of the poem, which features a cast of real queer women, uses intricate body painting to bring to life what those layers of toxicity feel like. In an era of headline-hitting attacks on lesbians in public, it is a call to arms to take the word back.

Director: Rosemary Baker

Writers: Rosemary Baker

Producers: Rosemary Baker, Agata Mastalerz

Cast: Lisa Luxx

Watch this film as part of the Lesflicks Xmas Short Film Festival 2020!

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Experimental, Poetry

Format: Short

Duration: 5 min

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

UK Release: 26 August 2020

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