Log line:  A free-spirited compulsive liar struggles to connect honestly with the love of her life when devastating news drives her to pursue a renegade solution.

Synopsis: Charlie, a bubbly queer artist, heads into a new year surrounded by her closest friends. But her plans for carefree fun are dashed when she is suddenly confronted with a health crisis. Not wanting to burden those she loves with her news, Charlie lies repeatedly to cover up the severity of her situation. With no easy cures at hand, Charlie turns to her medical doctor – Dr. Simone – and chooses to secretly pursue a renegade solution for her illness. As Charlie’s feelings for her best friend Mara grow stronger, the two women are both forced to confront the painful truths they have been avoiding.

Director: Emily Schooley

Writers: Emily Schooley

Producers: Emily Schooley

Cast: Angela Martin, Ariana Leask, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Miroki Tong

 laughingcat.ca/laughing-cat-productions/lifeand-the-art-of-lying  www.imdb.com/title/tt5969664

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Drama, Speculative Fiction

Format: Short

Duration: 26 min 17 sec

Country: Canada

Language: English

UK Release: 28 December 2019