Log line: Frustrated by her failing love life, Tess turns to a tarot reading for clarity. After a few twists of the deck it’s clear that passion is on the horizon and love is on the cards.

Synopsis: On the way to a job interview, heavy snowfall forces Tess (Tippy Elgar) to seek cover. She heads to the nearest place available – a Tarot and Tea shop – for shelter, totally unaware that what is revealed in the cards for her future is just the beginning. When Tess first encounters the mysterious Louise (Maria Forrester) upon entering the shop, there is an instant attraction. As Louise reveals Tess’s cards, Tess comes to the conclusion that sometimes you have to lose love in order to find it again.Intimate and endearing, Love on the Cards explores the concept of ‘love at first sight’ as well as the possibility that life’s events may be predestined after all.

Director: Nathan Hannawin

Writers: Jade Winters

Producers: Mohammadmehdi Beheshti, Alex Hogben

Cast: Tippy Elgar, Maria Forrester, Chandra Ghoorbin

 www.wwfilms.co.uk  www.imdb.com/title/tt8033650

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Format: Short

Duration: 8 min

Released: 1 May 2018