Log line: More Beautiful is the story of three women whose lives intersect at Lakeside resort and are further changed by the love of a special needs boy

Synopsis: Enchanting 10 year old Freddie, with special needs, brings his burdened but devoted mother, Samantha, and new comer, McKenzie together, where they discover love and passion, a salve to their deep wounds as characterized by the Japanese term “Kintsukuroi” – more beautiful for having been broken.

Writers: Nicole Conn

Producers: Nicole Conn and Lissa Forehan

Cast: Zoe Ventoura, Kayla Radomski,  Harley Jane Kozak, Cale Ferrin, Brooke Elliott and French Stewart

www.morebeautifulmovie.com https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7326320

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Genre: Drama

Format: Feature

Duration: 1 hr 51 min

Released: 7 April 2020 (US DVD)

8 May 2020 (Worldwide DVD and Digital)


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