Log line: Set in the midst of the UK’s AID’s crisis, a young lesbian finds herself caring for a dying adversary when everybody else has abandoned him.

Synopsis: Set in 1987, Odd Girls is the story of a young separatist lesbian who finds herself in the unexpected position of caring for a gay man dying of AIDS. Debbie finds herself battling ignorance, discrimination and her own political and personal views, when faced with the impossible dilemma of being David’s last remaining ally. Inspired by countless true stories, Odd Girls is a short period drama with the aim of shedding a light on the selflessness and bravery of the real women who sacrificed and supported gay men with AIDS all over the world during the HIV crisis.

Director: Ellie Jo Hilton

Writers: Ellie Jo Hilton

Producers: Ashleigh Powell

Cast:  Sarah J Lewis, Elliot Cable,  Christine Walsh


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Format: Short

Duration: 15 min

Country: UK

Language: English

UK Release: 27 July 2019