Log line:  Have you ever blown out a match before it burned down to your fingertips?

Synopsis: It’s a dilemma old as time; how do you mend a broken heart? Safely tucked in her home, Jesse Collins uses her quick wit as a shield to keep the world at arm’s length. Calvin, her best friend, steps up to meddle as only a best friend would, trying to help her start living again. Through a parks and rec poetry program, Jesse meets Hannah, a housewife who was looking for a hobby. The two find more than they expected, but could she possibly be the one to inspire Jesse to move on? In this short film, friendships are tested and tried, and lives and loves are rewritten with unexpected endings.

Director: Laura Henderson,  Sarah MacLean

Writers: Laura Henderson, Ps Lorio

Producers: SHE Films Media

Cast:  Jacob Burrell, Laura Henderson, Dale Hills


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Drama, Romance

Format: Short

Duration: 11 min

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 11 December 2020