Log line: We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re in your mother’s Jane Austen novel.

Synopsis: Gender swaps. Cross-dressing. Drag. Georgian era glamour with a contemporary flare. This period dramtire follows Darcy, a proud, rich, and austere woman who is determined to win the spirited Lizzy Bennet’s hand despite the objections of Darcy’s class-conscious aunt Lady Catherine, played by celebrity drag queen Shea Couleé.

Director: Didi Rizzo

Writer: Didi Rizzo and Jane Austen (novel)

Cast: Shea Couleé, Lizzie Bourne, Miriam Moss

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Genre(s): Period Drama, Romance

Format: Short

Rating: 5 stars

Duration: 17mins

Country made: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 8th April 2021

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