Log line: Vacationer Shelby and lodge manager Carol go on a journey to let go of relationship fantasies to find love in the present

Synopsis: Shelby sets out from L.A. on a much-needed vacation to mend her heart from its latest unrequited crush (on her boss Marion).  Lost in more ways than one, she ends up at a rustic mountain resort where she meets manager Carol, who has her own love-life challenges.  She and a former lover used to create made-up lives as they ran around in the woods.  Shelby’s yearnings for a future idyllic lover and Carol’s attachment to storybook moments from the past are both getting in the way of a real relationship.  Their casual vacation encounter turns into something more profound than either of them had bargained for as they journey into the woods to perform rituals that reveal what holds them back from living life fully in the present.  But will their next relationship be with each other?

Director: Victoria Rose Sampson

Writers: Nancy Beverly

Producers: Nancy Beverly, Evan Richards, Victoria Rose Sampson

Cast: Laura Grimaldi, Brynn Horrocks, Alina Phelan, Mary Chieffo, Di Koob, Robin Roberts

 www.nancybeverlywriter.com/film  www.imdb.com/title/tt6060364

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Format: Short

Rating: tbc

Duration: 35 min

Released: 1 July 2017