Log line: Like many people in the world, Reid’s gender identity is hybrid, fluid, and somewhere in between.

Synopsis: Somewhere in Between is a short film about how queer Canadian singer-songwriter Kate Reid decided to undergo a surgery that altered her body, and her relationship with her body. It is the story of how they felt about and in their body in relation to others, and the meaning that the world impressed upon their body before the surgery. Since having top surgery, Reid has felt more at home in her body than ever before. Like so many people in the world, Reid’s gender identity is hybrid and fluid. It is an assemblage of many different ideas, words, feelings, energies, lived experiences, and now, altered body parts. It is a gender that is somewhere in between.

Director: Kate Reid

Writer: Kate Reid

Producer: Kate Reid

Cast: Kate Reid


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Format: Short Documentary

Country: Canada

Language: English

UK Release: 18 December 2020