Longline: The story of how two young women unknowingly drift towards each other as a result of manifesting love into their lives.  

Synopsis: Cammie, a singer-songwriter, lives her life as if she’s in a relationship in an effort to attract the love of her life.  She sings to her “love” and prepares dinner for two, nightly.  Moving in next door to Cammie is Taylor, another believer in manifestation.  Taylor states affirmations of love and abundance while leaving space in her closet and drawers for her “love” as well as prepares dinner for two, nightly.  Having drifted closer and closer together, it’s only a matter of time before they are sitting face to face sharing a meal and falling in love.

Director: Stephanie Neroes

Writers: Stephanie Neroes

Producers: Stephanie Neroes  

Cast: Mandahla Rose, Mav Viola, Rudi Aliza  


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Format: Short

Duration: 6 min 28 sec

Country: USA

Language: English

UK Release: 24 July 2020