Log line: Yes, we are all “incomplete” but in the very best possible way.

Synopsis: Kate Murphy (Karen Sillas) lost everything when she hit rock bottom. Now, ten years sober, middle aged and living alone with her elderly cat, Kate strives to rebuild her broken life and repair her damaged relationship with her son Jack (Zachary Booth). Barely making ends meet as a visiting home health aide, Kate marches quietly through her uneventful days, until she is assigned a young, beautiful, paraplegic patient named Laura (Kristen Renton). Bonded by their mutual suffering, the two women share an undeniable connection and it isnʼt long before they fall deeply in love. But when Kate betrays Lauraʼs trust, her fragile world is shattered once again.

Director: Suzanne Guacci

Writers: Suzanne Guacci

Producers: Theresa Aquilina, Suzanne Guacci, Kevin Hanlon, Nic Novicki

Cast: Kristen Renton, Zachary Booth, Karen Sillas, Katy Sullivan

 www.aspirefilmproductions.com  www.imdb.com/title/tt7707692

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Format: Feature

Rating: tbc

Duration: 1 hr 45 min

Country: United States

Language: English



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