Tag line: In 1950s small town Britain, a doctor develops a relationship with her young patient’s mother.

Synopsis: Gripped by a failing marriage and the responsibilities of having a young son, Lydia finds solace in her growing bond with the town’s recently returned female doctor Jean. But this is the 1950s in a post-WWII rural Scotland, and the womens’ relationship prompts raised eyebrows in their provincial circles. 

Director: Annabel Jankel

Writers: Henrietta Ashworth, Jessica Ashworth, Fiona Shaw  

Producers: Daisy Allsop, Nik Bower, Nick Hill, AJ Jankel, Hannah Leader, Laura Vaysse, Sean Wheelan

Cast: Anna Paquin, Holliday Grainger, Gregor Selkirk

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Drama, Romance, LGBT

Rating: tbc

Duration: 1 hr 46 min

Released: 7 June 2019

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