Log line: A lesbian couple go away for the weekend to repair their fractured relationship. Unbeknownst to them, the hotel is also hosting a Furry Convention, amplifying the strain on their relationship and revealing a telling secret…

Synopsis: The film is about someone who is blind to who they really are (Jamie.) Jamie spends the film trying to find love and acceptance from Sara. She is ultimately rejected because she can’t fit Sara’s ideal of what a partner is supposed to be. It is only after Jamie loses Sara and has a heart-to-heart talk with Fox that she realises that she’s a Furry and has always been one. Through this realisation she finds acceptance in the Furry community – which is what she was searching for all along.

Director: David Collier

Writers: David Collier, Claire Fox

Producers: Vincent van Kekerikx

Cast: Lucy Brownshill, Madeleon Schoonmaker


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Genre: Mystery

Format: Short

Duration: 8 min

Country: Netherlands

Language: English

Release: 21 February 2020