Synopsis: Lisl Frick, the confused Austrian abroad, has left the Alps, escaping her conservative and religious parents who want her to get married to her cousin Hansl, and take over the family restaurant. Venturing to London, Lisl comes out as gay and tries to pursue her dream of becoming a comedian. Sharing the flat with Kelly, a self-obsessed American actress, wide-eyed Lisl says yes to everything and constantly ends up in awkward predicaments. She soon discovers that Hansl has followed her to London in the hope of winning her back.

Director: Alice Frick and Julia Frick

Writers: Alice Frick

Producers: Alice Frick, Julia Frick and Catherine Allin

Cast: Alice Frick, Lauren Karl, Gatis Kandis and Cecilia Delatori


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Genre Comedy 

Format: Webseries

Country: UK

Language: English

UK Release: 1 July 2018