Log line: When an offbeat young woman encounters her perfect match in a movie theatre, she must summon the courage to win her dream girl’s heart.

Synopsis: Abbie, an offbeat and somewhat shy movie-obsessed girl who insists on obeying the rules at all times, hunts for her allocated seat in a near-deserted movie theatre. It is only classic silent film matinee week after all, and who goes to see that? As Abbie locates her seat, her world turns upside down as she sights her dreamy dream girl right in her path. Effortlessly cool filmgoer Emmy despairs as Abbie plonks herself down a mere one seat away, rather than take any other seat in the entire theatre. Emmy’s ire rises further as Abbie begins tucking into her perfectly chopped carrot sticks, the noisiest and most unlikely of all cinema snacks. When Emmy returns for the next day’s screening, she withers as loopy carrot girl swoops in once again. As Emmy tries to move seat, she is thwarted by the jobsworth usher who insists she remains in her allocated position… much to Abbie’s delight. During their third screening together, there’s a sudden spark as they realise they share the same sense of humour. Abbie offers Emmy a carrot stick, receives popcorn in exchange, and they share a moment. For Abbie this is true love, so she decides she must summon the courage to act. She breaks her strict rule-following policy and takes the seat immediately next to Emmy, who makes no protest. Bingo. Emboldened Abbie goes to take Emmy’s hand, but backs out. However, at day four’s screening, she finally makes her move and takes Emmy’s hand, only to be crestfallen as Emmy reacts with horror and flees the cinema. Abbie’s risked it all and it’s backfired spectacularly, crashing her to her absolute low. Yet a new day brings new hope, and Abbie summons her greatest courage yet as she returns one last time to see if her true love will somehow show. And then, just as Abbie gives up any lingering hope of her dream outcome, a certain someone reappears.

Director: Kevin Walls

Writers: Donald Cameron

Producers: Kevin Walls, Donald Cameron

Cast: Rachel Flynn, Kim Allan


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Silent Romantic Comedy

Format: Short

Duration: 10 min 14 secs

Released: 30 March 2019