Let me be the one

Romance, 7 min

Love and friendship intertwined.


Regardless of your sexual identity, you can’t watch this film without finding yourself walking down memory lane.

Let me be the one (2019), written by Jade Winters and directed by Simon Purse, unfolds a heart-warming story about love and friendship, intertwined. For a good 10 minutes, after watching the film, I drowned in my own thoughts, relived an old story, and smiled. This short film brings joy to the heart, as it is about two women who found shelter in each other through their circumstances – it is touching and moving.

We all have this one friend who deals with our breakups, and tries to mend our broken hearts and trapped minds! Well, Jenna got Bae. After failing so many times at pushing her back into the dating world, Bea sets up a blind date for her broken-hearted best friend, Jenna. And with a little twist, things may never be the same again.

Jade created a nice dialogue that unwraps a long-buried spark between the two lead characters Jenna and Bae (played nicely by Ella McCready and Sophia Flore respectively). The film starts with Jenna talking about her heartaches and how she wishes for things to be different, and with Bae paying close attention to that, Director Simon Purse successfully gets our attention!

The film charts Bae’s relentless efforts into getting Jenna out of her “post-breakup” slump, and those efforts are displayed as a sequence that leads up to Jenna eventually giving herself the chance to get back into the dating world.

Not to spoil the film, but the story Jade has written carries with it a feeling of relatability, as watching this story in a 7-minute film unfolds memories of a similar love or even crush we have surely all once experienced. Both the writer and the director did a brilliant job in shedding light on the relationship not the sexual orientation, and this is exactly why, regardless of your identity, you can’t watch this film without finding yourself walking down memory lane.


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